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NEXT TOURNAMENT: Feb 22 @ Center Point Urbana (Bullseye only)
Congratulations, Washington Teams!
February 8 Tournament @ Cedar Rapids Prairie
High School Team
Bullseye - 2nd Place/5 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 6th in the State)
3D - 3rd/5 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 8th in the State)

Middle School Team
Bullseye - 5th Place/5 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 14th in the State)
3D - 4th/5 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 11th in the State)

Lincoln Elementary Team
Bullseye - 1st Place/3 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 1st in the State)
3D - 1st Place/2 Teams (As of 2-14-20: 1st in the State)

Washington Archery Program

Washington Archery Club’s National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) welcomes all Washington Community School District students who are in the 4th-12th grades. The program’s mission is to provide a safe, team activity in which students participate that promotes positive social interaction among students and other individuals.

Keep up to date on the Washington Archery Club and the NASP? Tournaments here for the Washington High School, Washington Middle School, and Lincoln Elementary School. All students use the Original GenesisTM bow and Easton arrows.

Iowa NASP? Brochure